Brand Design

What is brand design?
Brand design is the systemized visual and verbal representation of your company. It’s the defined mission.
The name. The tagline. The logo. The consistent look and feel of your marketing materials.
Its all of those elements that are created to communicate those things that are unique about your company.


Developing comprehensive brand design for companies is what we are in business to do.
A brand is more than just a logo, its the perception of your company the minds of your clients, customers and employees. Ultimately, that perception is out of your control. But what is in your control is the design aspect of your brand. And usually, when someone is talking about a “brand”, what they are really talking about is brand design.


Small Business Solutions
Small businesses and startups often have to market themselves using limited assets. They have to make hard decisions about where to allocate time and resources in just about every facet of their business. As marketers and designers who run a small business ourselves, we understand that challenge and have a solid track record of solving problems creatively—and under budget.

Marketing and design solutions for any small businesses should:
Legitimize your business image
Usually, a new small business is starting from scratch, with little or no brand recognition with their clients and customers, so whatever solution we come up with needs to communicate competency and stability.

Obtain maximum impact for the cost
Simply put, a design firm should take each client’s needs into consideration when it comes to deciding how best to solve their communication problem.
Convey the passion that you bring to your business
The best thing we like about working with small businesses is that they are always very passionate about their business. We are as well.



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